Small luxury 5 stars hotel

Hotel nei Trulli

Due to its size, le alcove falls into the small luxury 5 stars hotel category.
The trulli were originally the farmers' houses, built with dry stones, with no mortar. Today, after a thorough restoration, they have turned into elegant dwellings that preserve the link with past intact.
The hotel provides 6 Suites rooms divided into Mini Suites, Suites, Top Suites.
The attention to detail and the enchanted atmosphere make le alcove one of the most suggestive structures of the Itria Valley.

A cozy and intimate place, which alludes to the literal meaning of the term - this is what the Luxury Resort guarantees in its amazing accommodations.
An ancient term referring to the rustling of curtains, to soft four-poster beds placed in a point of a room sheltered by a stone arch, just as the place where the princes rested in the sumptuous castles of the most famous fairy tales.

The guest feels protected and pampered in an alcove - as safe as at home.
The right advice for the perfect holiday. The qualified Le Alcove personnel takes care of concierge and reception, aiming at your satisfaction. Le Alcove provides a shuttle service to and from the main arrival and departure points. Waking up in the resort every morning will be a unique experience.
Many small unexpected surprises are reserved for guests to always be astounded.

And the story continues even outside the resort.
Enjoy every day tasty courses at the nearby partner restaurants, or exclusive experience of nature and beauties of Apulia, go and make excursions and itineraries recommended by the staff.
Indulge yourself with relax in the beautiful partner spa for a holiday that fully overwhelms all the senses.

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7, P.zza Ferdinando IV
70011 Alberobello (Bari)
Puglia - Italia